Contributions to the SPAC help support our mission to provide educational and cultural enrichment opportunities to foster the development, understanding, and enjoyment of the performing arts in our community.


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Why does that page say I'm making a gift to the Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation?

Public schools are not 501(c)3 organizations, and the SPAC is technically a public school facility. Therefore, gifts made directly to the Sanford Performing Arts Center are not tax-deductible (though these direct gifts ARE restricted to the SPAC). However, we are fortunate to partner with a The Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation, a wonderful non-profit organization which helps raise funds to support our schools beyond the scope of taxpayer funds. In this manner, gifts made to the Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation using the link above will be restricted to use in support of the Sanford Performing Arts Center, and will be tax-deductible.